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Free Astrology Software for Hobbyists

Program Title: Astrology for Windows (AST4WIN)

Version: 2.3


Program Description:

Astrology for Windows is a comprehensive astrology program that accurately calculates and displays the positions of the planets and houses in either the Tropical or Sidereal zodiac and seven house systems over approximately 8,000 years. Users can save calculated birth charts for review, change, or comparison with other charts. The program displays two types of graphic wheels, including one showing aspect lines between the planets that you can interactively adjust. The program makes it easy for you to look at your current transits or examine astrological compatibility between people's charts. Astrology for Windows includes calculation of solar and lunar returns and transits lists. It features an atlas of 2700 cities and interactive maps of the World, U.S., and Europe. The program includes the minor planet Chiron and the moon's true nodes. Astrology for Windows is customizable and very easy to use - it features a standard Windows interface and context-sensitive, on-line help. The Windows Help includes an introduction to astrology chapter and bibliography. From the Help Menu one runs a separate demo program showing the additional features of the commercial AstrolDeluxe for Windows on which this program is based. All program text is in an editable file, allowing Astrology for Windows to be easily localized for different languages and countries. Thirteen languages are supported in this release.

This version 2.3 extends the accurate range of Chiron outside the 20th century, to span the period from 1800 to 2100 A.D. The declinations at Display, Supplemental Calculations, are extended past the Asc. and M.C. to include the Moon's Nodes, the Part of Fortune, and Chiron, if you have customized the program to include those additional planet points. This version adds glyphs showing any intercepted signs between the houses of the graphic chartwheel. It adds a list of recently viewed charts, at the bottom of the File menu at the Chart Information screen, allowing immediate selection and display. In the version of Astrology for Windows that can be downloaded off the Internet, thirteen languages can be selected during installation, namely, English, Spanish, Norwegian, Dutch, Portugese, Swedish, Italian, French, Russian, Czech, Romanian, Finnish, and German. The separate demo program of additional features found in AstrolDeluxe for Windows, a demo that can be run from the Natal Information screen's Help menu, has been updated to show all the added features in AstrolDeluxe, including AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter, as of 1999. The Windows Help manual has been thoroughly brought up to date.

Unique features of this astrology program:

This is a reliable, very accurate, and easy to use astrology calculation program. It does not attempt to provide interpretations, which avoid being superficial only in complete report writer software such as we sell commercially. Halloran Software has been creating a line of astrology software since 1985 and has been selling Windows astrology software since 1992. This program is unique among shareware in the support that it provides for copying both text and graphics to the Windows clipboard, in calculating to such high accuracy, in calculating return charts and a transits list, in its comprehensive atlas module, in analyzing compatibility between people's charts, in the high quality of its two graphic wheels, and in its support for international date formats and languages.

Program capacity or limitations:

Astrology for Windows is distributed as freeware, with no requirement to ever register it. The program will calculate and display an unlimited number of accurate charts for any place or time. The tabular displays of positions and aspects may be printed for all charts. However, registration does bring additional benefits such as the ability to save more than just 100 birth charts to file, delete charts, make use of the maps of the United States and Europe, and print or copy to the clipboard the color graphic wheels for more than saved chart number one.

System requirements: 4 Mb RAM recommended, Windows 3.1 or higher.

Installation Instructions:

The Astrology for Windows program, version 2.3, comes in a self-extracting Windows executable - ASTWIN23.EXE. Once you have downloaded this program to your computer by clicking on the link and choosing Save to Disk, note the location and double-click from Explorer on the file. The WinZip extraction program will confirm that you want to extract all the files to the C:\WINASTRO directory, which it will create for you.

The final act of the automatic extraction process is to run the INSTALL1.EXE program - this will ask in which of the 13 available languages you want your program to be and will add the Halloran Software program group and astrology item icons to your Windows desktop [you yourself can rerun the INSTALL1.EXE program in the future].

In Windows 95/98, select Start, Programs, Halloran Software and click on the moon icon item in order to run the Astrology for Windows program.