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Kleine code:




The only thing left for you is to copy the below HTML code and paste if into your web page!
Keep in mind that, unlike other services, on the web Domon daily horoscope service allows youa and eve encourages you tou alter the above HTML. If you are a little bit more creative and you have a fair knowwledge of JavaScript and HTML you can customize this HTML pretty much.

Techical details: The fololowing code when pasted to any HTML page will produce a table which contains 8 images and 4 of them are dynamic.

A single CGI script called with the proper arguments will return the correct image.
The URL of the script is: and the parameters it expects are:
1. signid (the id of the sign for which the picture should be 1=aries etc.)
2. code (your id code. DO NOT REMOVE THIS)
3. sze ("s" for small picture "b" for big picture)
4. pic (1 for the title pic, 2 for the picture which shows money meter,
3 for love meter pic and 4 for health pic)
An example: If you want to show a picture which will show slow love meter for Pisces insert this for your img src tag:

Be aware that the HTML you have edited MUST have a VISIBLE link to If you remove a link to Domon daily horoscope site you site will be forbidden to use the service!