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The Talis I Ching Line Editor v2.20.

Users of the I Ching, the Ancient Book of Oracles by Talis can download this I Ching Line Editor to modify the text used in displaying hexagram readings. Users have a quick way to jump to a particular hexagram, and can see an icon of the hexagram displayed. You will need to have the Visual FoxPro runtime DLL files (VFP500.DLL and VFP5ENU.DLL).

Installing the program:
The I Ching Line Editor (ICHLINES.EXE) should be installed in the same location as the ICHTEXT.TXT file used by The Talis I Ching. It is usually placed in the same folder as the I Ching program itself.

Required files include:
To be placed in the Application directory:
ICHLINES.EXE     The Main program file
ICHLINES.HLP     This help file

To be placed in either the Application directory or the Windows System directory
(usually C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM):
VFP500.DLL    Visual FoxPro 5.0 Runtime Library file
VFP5ENU.DLL    Visual FoxPro 5.0 English Runtime Library file

Ps. Mocht iemand een nederlandse versie maken... ik zou er ook erg blij mee zijn.