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SpiroGenic Rune Master V1.1

Using the program.

You can run the program by double clicking the executable file sgtm98.exe (or the shortcut on the desktop). On the main screen, chose 'Run' from the 'Spread' menu. A list of spread designs will be displayed. Chose one and click 'OK'. When the spread has loaded you can click on a rune image to display the explanation of the meaning of the runes' position, and the runes divinatory interpretation. This allows you to get familiarised with Rune Stone reading methods and helps you to learn the divinatory interpretation of each of the Runes. You can also make your own spreads using the spread wizard, or download other peoples spreads from the internet.

Six spreads are distributed with the program, but you have the ability to make your own spreads as well. To make your own spread chose 'New' from the 'Spread' menu. A new window will appear. First enter the title you wish this spread to be called. The title can be up to 50 letters long. Next chose a filename for the card spread data to be stored in. The filename must be in the 8.3 dos format (as opposed to the win32 format, ie. no spaces, 8 char, full stop, 3 char extension). Finally choose the number of Rune Stones you want your spread to have. eg. The Three Lifetimes spread has the title 'Three Lifetimes Spread', can be stored in a file called TLS.RMS, and has five runes.

Click the OK button to continue. Some more detailed information is displayed. When you have read this then click OK to get to the edit window. The position of the runes are represented by large buttons. To edit a buttons' position just click on the button and use the direction keys on the number pad to move the button to the desired position. To change the distance moved by the button use the + and - keys on the number pad. To see what the jump size (distance moved) is at any time press the * key. To edit the runes' position meaning press the central 5 key on the number pad. To make a permanent record of the reading chose 'HTMLise' from the 'Spread' menu. A file called 'Rune.htm' will be created showing the reading for the spread chosen. When you have finished, your spread will be saved to the filename specified during setup.