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Symbol: The Bull.
Element: Earth.
Type: Negative.
Quality: Fixed.
Sign ruled by Venus: peace, artistry and the heart's desire.
Color: all kind of pastels. Old Rose.
Gemstone: Moss, Agate, Jade, Eneraqld.

Precarious partners: Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius.
Pleasing partners: Virgo, Capricorn.
Promising partners: Cancer, Pisces.

At best:
Constructive, patient,  practical, enduring, affectionate, steadfast, persevering, proficient.
At worst:
Proprietorial, materialistic, unenterprising, dull-witted, self-indulgent, unimaginative.

A fine figure and melodious voice. Often sturdy, with a strong neck and shoulders. Dresses conservatively and acts in a leisurely, considered manner.

Securety above all. Routines, regular exercise ans time to develop at own pace. Should avoid damp cold weather, greedy materialism and sheer gluttony.

Good food and wine. Pottery, pictures and flowers. Beauty in nature and mankind. A stylish home and affluent lifestyle. Environmental and musical activities.

Discordant sounds, ugly things, bossy people. Insincerity hypocrisy, debates and arguments. Has an aversion to debt, will not be hurried and resists change.

In mind:
Cautious, thorough and logical, rather than quick. Has a truthful, resolute mentality.. Ponders questions, foster habits and adheres to personal values.

In action:
Careful, tidy and systematic. Shows artistic skill and common sense. Has a humorous, genial disposition, and is dogged in the face of difficulty.

At work:
The ideal employee. Is industrious and steadily productive. Attends to details, and ably shoulders responsibility. Has great integrity and a flair for finance.

With friends:
A firm friend, but an implacable enemy. Is very dependable, tender-hearted and stalwart. Provides comfort, good cheer and warm hospitality. Listens receptively.

In love:
Indulgent, amorous and demonstrative. Is realistic about a partner and able to bring stability to a relationship. Remains devoted and possessive.

In life:
Reputed to be the 'salt of the earth', the Taurean can be profoundly affected by companions, and not wishing to hurt their feelings may easily be put upon.

Usually possesses a robust constitution and ample stamina, but may develop a stiff neck or sore throat, and gland or weight troubles. Slow to recuperate.

The body:
Taurus governs the neck, throat and tongue, including the tatse buds and tonsils, voice box and windpipe, down to the thyroid and parathyroid glands.


Famous Taureans:
William Shakespeare
Honoré de Balzac
Rudolph Valentino
Queen Elizabeth II
karl Marx
Orson Welles


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