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Symbol: The Water-Bearer.
Element: Air.
Type: Positive.
Quality: Fixed.
Sign ruled by Uranus: surprise, inspiration, change and liberation.
Color: Green, Blue.
Gemstone: Sapphire, Garnet, Amethyst.

Precarious partners: Taurus, leo, Scorpio.
Pleasing partners: Gemini, Libra.
Promising partners: Aries, Sagittarius.

At best:
Intellectual, understanding, fair-minded, philanthropic, egalitarian, progressive, rational, original.
At worst:
Distrustful, absent-minded, oversensitive, long-winded, paradoxical, rebellious, reclusive.

Amiable, genuine, considerate, with a gentle voice and quiet magnetism. Mingles with many people - yet is, in outlook and person, highly individual.

Country air, ample sleep and exercise, and time to express thoughts. A balance of social activity and solitude. Above all, must preserve personal freedom.

Gadgets, novelties, books, experiments. Enjoys travelling, walking, or sharing interests, often as part of a group. Prizes equal rights, liberty and truth.

Quarrels, personal remarks, hidebound views. Corruption, exploitation and duplicity. Affected, loud or patronizing behavior. Feeling bullied or cornered.

In mind:
Remarkably acute. Analyzes clearly, theorizes and forms own views. Reasons realistically, yet harbors hopes and ideals and is often ahead of the times.

In action:
Humane, democratic, principled. Shows tact, perseverance and the ability to listen. Is punctual and keeps promises. Also enjoys doing the unexpected..

At work:
Conscientious and capable. uses logic and weighs up facts. Learns quickly and concentrates. Has valid ideas, thinks comprehensively and is good at teaching.

With friends:
Intuitive, popular, cosmopolitan. Mixes easily, but guards own privacy and is intimate with few. Is faithful, kind and able to sustain a lifelong rapport.

In love:
Love is kindled by a meeting of minds. Loyalty is strong and feelings real, but the advantages of single life may prove a deterrent to early matrimony.

In life:
Independent and no slave to convention, the Aquarius has a life rich in color, owing to creative, lierary gifts and an active concern for human welfare.

Usually enjoys a long and relatively healthy life. The likeliest problems are varicose veins, hardened arteries, hemorrhages, cramps and ankle injuries.

The body:
Aquarius governs the ankles and the circulatory system. Electrical impulses, sudden changes in health, and amazing cures are ruled by magical Uranus.


Famous Aquarians:
Anna Pavlova
Bertolt Brecht
Felix Mendelssohn
Amadeus Mozart
Charles Darwin
Boris Pasternak
Ronald Reagan

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