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Symbol: The Ram.
Element: Fire.
Type: Positive.
Quality: Cardinal.
Sign ruled by Mars, the Roman God of War: energy and initiative.
Color: Scarlet, Fiery Red.
Gemstone: Diamond, Amethyst, Cornelian.

Precarious partners: Cancer, Libra, Capricorn.
Pleasing partners: Leo, Sagittarius.
Promising partners: Gemini, Aquarius.


At best:
Enthusiastic, courageous, carefree, amicable, exciting, decisive, straightforward, quick-witted, energetic, optimistic, innovative.
At worst:
Headstrong, irresponsible, vain, hot-tempered, aggressive, ruthless, reckless, tactless, egotistical, impatient, overbearing.


Vigorous, friendly and confident, with a firm handshake, brisk walk, ready smile, infectious laugh, engagingly easy manner and distinct panache.

To get ahead, and to have incentives praise, and scope for self-expression. Should curb temper, be wary of alcohol, harness energy and practise patience.

Anyhting new, fast, fun, thrilling or competitive. Enjoys active sports and projects involving mechanical devices. May be attracted writing and politics.

The predictable and mundane. Minor details, pessimism, vacillation, delays. Weaknesses in self, bedrest if ill, and any subservient or sedentary lifestyle.

In mind:
Alert and incisive, with self-respect and a high morale. Thinks rapidly and has a resourceful, honest approach. Is also impulsive and sometimes illogiacal.

In action:
Swift and interprid. Has a direct manner  and clear-cut views; remarks are candid and often satirical. Is determined, and doesn't take kindly to being thwarted.

At work:
A born leader. Is dynamic, and copes unusually well with a busy, demanding environment. Seeks prestige and power. Motivated more by succes than money.

With friends:
Very warm, lively and self-possessed. Accepts people at face value. Keeps the conversation flowing and has a talent to amuse. Soon wins friends.

In love:
Tends to fall in love at first sight or to wed after a whirlwind romance. Has many compelling qualities; also an assertive nature. Is jealous of rivals.

In life:
Naturally buoyant, the Arian lives in the present and has enormous potential. But initial gains require sustained affort and interest in order to thrive.

Generally good. Likeliest ailments are headaches, eye strain, sinusitus and insomnia. Prone to cuts, burns and head-wounds because of impetuosity.

The body:
Aries governs the head and face. Mars rules the adrenal glands -prompting speedy reactions- and also presides over inflammation, fever and surgery.


Famous Arians:
Bette Davis
Elton John
Leonardo da Vinci
Charlie Chaplin
Hans Christian Andersen
Johann Sebastian Bach
Vincent van Gogh

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