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Symbol: The Scorpion.
Element: Water.
Type: Negative.
Quality: Fixed.
Sign ruled by Pluto: transformation and regeneration.
Color: Orange, Red, Brown.
Gemstone: Malachite, Onyx, Topaz.

Precarious partners: Taurus, Leo, Aquarius.
Pleasing partners:  Cancer, Pisces.
Promising partners: Virgo, Capricorn.

At best:
Instinctual, resilient, wholehearted, resourceful, invigorating, accomplished, heroic, trustworthy.
At worst:
Suspicious, acrimonious, unreasonable, intractable, jealous, taciturn, tempestuous, fanatical.

An enigmatic and powerful presence. Has self-assurance, a keen, analytical gaze and succinct, forthright opinions. Often disconcerting, but never dull.

Needs:Warmth, acceptance, mental relaxation, positive goals and physical exertion to defuse intense emotions. Must try to be objective and judge less hastily.

Art, poetry, music. Home, company, the good life. Respect, power and redress for injury. Facing challenges, finding solutions, keeping active and winning.

Personal questions, curbs and confines. Betrayal, indolence, half measures and trivia. Mediocrity and lack of control. Shallow, dishonest or weak characters.

In mind:
A fertile, subtle and secretive mind. Wary probing and deeply intuitive. Has extraordinary will-power, fuelled by passion, purpose, tenacity and pride.

In action:
Shows kindness to those in real need, yet conceals own distress. Has great courage, vigor and resolve. May also reveal a vulcanic temper, if wronged.

At work:
Dynamic, creative and thorough. Has evident acumen and authority, but keeps ambition hidden. Is pleased to help, and not shy of arduous or unsavory tasks.

With friends:
Caring, responsible and unselfish. Also acutely sensitive, with a long memory. Reacts quickly to people, but chooses friends carefully and stands by them.

In love:
Torrid, responsive and very committed, loving with heart and soul, strenght and compassion. But moods and unspoken feelings can cause misunderstandings.

In life:
True to self and rarely discouraged. Scorpio lives life to the full, ably altering course if need be, and rising -phoenix like- to conquer adversity.

Seldom ill, strict rest aids recovery. Commonest ailments relate to the nose and throat, bladder, reproductive system, sports injuries and suppressed tension.

The body:
Pluto governs all long-term changes. Scorpio rules the generative organs, and is also linked with the powers of healing, endurance aqnd recuperation.


Famous Scorpios:
Theodore Roosevelt
Dylan Thomas
Billy Graham
Pablo Picasso
Martin Luther
Leon Trotski

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