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Symbol: The Scales.
Element: Air.
Type: Positive.
Quality: Cardinal.
Sign ruled by Venus: harmony, love and artistic talent.
Color: Blue, Pink.
Gemstone: Opal, Sapphire, Diamond.

Precarious partners: Aries, Cancer, Capricorn.
Pleasing partners: Gemini, Aquarius.
Promising partners: Leo, Sagittarius.

At best:
Equitable, diplomatic, circumspect, conciliatory, aesthetic, forbearing, well-balanced, logical, graceful, humane, amiable.
At worst:
Dissatisfied, ponderous, submissive, excessive, narcissistic, procrastinating, dependent, vacillating, indolent, ineffectual.

Gracious, charming, poised and elegant. Has even features, beautiful eyes, a disarming smile and a clear, modulated voice. Essentially rather glamorous.

Objectives. Ample time to deliberate. Appreciation, love and companionship. Should also try to preserve an inner sense of stability and avoid excesses.

Refinement, beauty, symmetry. Justice, cooperation, peace, leisure and luxury. Communication and the skillful use of words. Books, good music, gourmet fare.

Stifling conditions, ugliness, confusion, hastiness, conflict and being unpopular. Detests unfairness, bigotry, impatience, rudeness, shouting, noise and violence.

In mind:
Even tempered and civilized. Able to rationalize, think constructively and assess impartially. But can waver over decisions, and so miss opportunities.

In action:
Peaceable, would rather compromise than argue. Thinks of others and wants to please. Is very amenable, generous and creative. Also enjoys idle moments.

At work:
Astute, analytical and attentive. Can mediate, plan and manage, seeing all sides of a problem. Perseveres calmly, cares about detail and likes teamwork.

With friends:
Gives and receives great pleasure. Is relaxed, convivial and affectionate: an engaging companion, fond of furthering good relations, and discussing ideas.

In love:
Ever romantic and idealistic, seeking one special partner who will share life equally. Surrenders easily to love, yet the desire to flirt remains appealing.

In life:
Sympathetic. Shows respect for others' opinions and likes fair dealing. Will weigh up each point of view with tact and care to ensure harmonious results.

Remarkably healthy, if a balanced life is led. If not, is vulnerable to renal trouble, headaches, lumbago, obesity and hypertension. Prone to claustrophobia.

The body:
Libra rules the kidneys and lumbar region. Mellifluous Venus fashions an exceptionally fine appearance3 and also affects the troat and vocal cords.


Famous Librans:
John Lennon
Oscar Wilde
Pierre Bonnard
Luciano Pavarotti
Margaret Thatcher
Groucho Marx

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