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Symbol: The Virgin.
Element: Earth.
Type: Negative.
Quality: Mutable.
Sign ruled by Mercury: controls intelligence and communication.
Color: Green, Blue.
Gemstone: Agate, Sapphire, Sardonyx.

Precarious partners: Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces.
Pleasing partners:  Taurus, Capricorn.
Promising partners: Cancer, Scorpio.

At best:
Altruistic, humorous, articulate, sincere, painstaking, analytical, discerning, dependable, scrupulous, gentle, capable, self-effacing.
At worst:
Querulous, fussy, servile, petty, fault-finding, prudish, self-doubting, interfering, hypochondriacal, obsessive, skeptical, pedantic.

Modest, courteous and soft-spoken. Has natural charm and tact, with a lovely smile, clear and responsive eyes, a thoughtful air and youthful looks.

A wholesome diet, outdoor recreation, relaxing hobbies, and reassurance. Should try to keep main aims in sight so that details are put in perspective.

Likes:Pets, plants, books, cultural pursuits, good conversation. Cleanliness, order, precision. Cookery, making or mending things and being busy and helpful.

Negligenca, waste, inefficiency. Idle, dilatory, crude or deceitful behavior. Receiving criticism, accepting help and, in particular, being dependent bwhen old.

In mind:Pragmatic, with an inquiring, nimble mind and a keen sense of fun. Has well-informed and observant views. Is critical of others, but also of self.

In action:
Meticulous, frugal and patient, with an eye for detail. Accepts routine and excels at intricate tasks. Is manually skillful, adaptable and very practical.

At work:
Assiduous, reliable and neat. Motivates people and has high standards. Prefers to attend to work personally and may choose a solitary or background role.

With friends:
Kind, considerate4 and genuine, with an obliging nature. Puts friends first and likes to give them moral support. Tries to bring out the best in people.

In love:
Reserved and very selective, placing personality before sexuality. Though possessive, is also tender, steady and loyal. Seeks solace in work if spurned.

In life:
Often starts out at a disadvantage, aqnd may feel that due recognition of talents is slow to come. But toil and perseverance pave the way to success.

Has great stamina, but may be prone to allergies and find that a tendency to worry and overwork leads to digestive complaints, tension and exhaustion.

The body:
Virgo is the most health-conscious of all the signs and governs the spleen and the intestines. Mercury rules the nervous system and mental faculties.


Famous Virgoans:
Leo Tolstoy
Mother Teresa
Jesse Owens
Ingrid Bergman
Peter Sellers
HG Wells

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