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Symbol: The Twins.
Element: Air.
Type: Positive.
Quality: Mutable.
Sign ruled by Mercury: inspires intellect, communication and ingenuity.
Color: Blue, Yellow.
Gemstone: Beryl, Alexandrite, Agate.

Precarious partners: Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces.
Pleasing partners: Libra, Aquarius.
Promising partners: Aries, Leo.

At best:
Adaptable, observant, communicative, adroit, charming, informed, amuzing, talented, adventurous.
At worst:
Argumentative, manipulative, self-seeking, inconsistent, fickle, crafty, garrulous, weak-willed.

Bright, attractive and articulate. Can discuss innumerable topics. Is usually slender, and swift in movement, with sparkling eyes and an ageless quality.

The stimulation of a varied, eventful lifestyle, and the benefits of sleep. Should learn to concentrate and to persist, if projects are to be completed.

People, hunor and lively conversations, Intellectual issues, artistic endeavors, literary pursuits, linguistics. Travel, elegant sports and the outdoor life.

Monotony, drudgery, routine, formality and complications. Cannot abide being restricted, trapped or obligated in any sense. But boredom is the worst enemy.

In mind:
Quick, clever and keen to know more.  Restless, and also changeable: at one moment mischievous, eager and aware, at the next ingenuous, ambivalent or vague.

In action:
Deft, spontaneous and talkative. Is able to improvise and negotiate. But moods are volatile; exuberance may tunr into obstinacy and wit into criticism.

At work:
Full of enterprise. Well suited to act as an intermediary and coordinator, or in any promotional, informative field. Also adept at most light manual tasks.

With friends:
Makes friends very easily, finding no barriers in status or age if interests are shared. Family ties are generally strong, especially between siblings.

In love:
Appears flirtatious and expressive, but in a lighthearted way. Is emotionally more detached, and rates appreciative, easy companionship higher than passion.

In life:
Supremely dexterous. May lack endurance but can usually do two or more things at once. Often has two careers, homes, or even romances in hand at a time.

Stress and fatigue stem from Gemini's restiveness. Other tendencies include arthritis, eczema, chest infections or asthma. Best asset: a positive outlook.

The body:
Mercury rules over the communications network of nerves. Gemini governs the arms and the hands; also the lungs and the vital process of respiration.


Famous Geminians:
Stan laurel
Marilyn Monroe
Gustave Courbet
John F Kennedy
Edvard Grieg
Bob Hope
Marquis de Sade


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