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Symbol: The Goat.
Element: Earth.
Type: Negative.
Quality: Cardinal.
Sign ruled by Saturn: discipline, responsibility and restraint.
Color: Green, Brown.
Gemstone: Garnet, Zircon, Tourmaline.

Precarious partners: Aries, Cancer, Libra.
Pleasing partners: Taurus, Virgo.
Promising partners: Scorpio, Pisces.

At best:
Distinguished, punctilious, provident, industrious, determinded, profound, succinct, entertaining.
At worst:
Inhibited, austere, avaricious, relentless, pessimistic, narrow-minded, dogmatic, superior.

Calm, unhurried and initially reserved. The voice is mellow, the words measured. Looks conventional, with classic tastes, but has the zaniest sense of humour.

Acknowledgement of merits. A steady job, for securety. Wants to achieve and impress, but could become very isolated by constant work and no play.

Painting, reading, music. Tranquillity, tradition, familiar things, facts. Good manners, standards, punctuality, order, and having position, power and influence.

Emotional outbursts and unruly conduct. Sloth, dissipation, flattery. Breaking a promise, having to rely on others, delegating duties and feeling rushed.

In mind:
Guarded, sensitive and patient, with a retentive memory and tough resolve. Down-to-earth and purposeful, yet at times overtaken by obscure uneasiness.

In action:
Practical, thorough, methodical. Sees a task through to the end and has a deep sense of duty. Cool composure masks a dry wit and innate artistic ability.

At work:
Quietly efficient and well-organized, tackling work with shrewd persistence. Discreet, but firm, and set on success. Sparing with praise but ready with help.

With friends:
A staunch ally. Honors commitments and has regard for the well-being of others. Values home life and respects relatives, but also enjoys time alone.

In love:
An undemonstrative but abiding love. Weds early or late, przing character and compatability above looks. Has a faithful heart and latent sensuality.

In life:
Early setbacks are stepping-stones to future victories. When young, has an unusually serious mature outlook. In later life reveals youthful qualities.

Prone to toothache, arthritis, sprains, colds, indigestion, skin complaints and melancholic moods. Though conditions may linger, stamina increases with age.

The body:
Tendons, ligaments, joints (the knees in partcular) are ruled by Capricorn. Saturn governs the skin, nails, teeth and bones, and also slows all functions.


Famous Capricornians:
Mao Tse Tung
Paul CÚzanne
Elvis Presley
Edgar Allan Poe
Isaac Newton
Henri Matisse
Madame de Pompadour

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