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Symbol: The Crab.
Element: water.
Type: Negative.
Quality: Cardinal.
Sign ruled by the Moon: guides subconsious responses.
Color: Lilac, Moss-green.
Gemstone: Ruby, Emerald, Moonstone.

Precarious partners: Aries, Libra, Capricorn.
Pleasing partners: Scorpio, Pisces.
Promising partners: Taurus, Virgo.

At best:
Compassionate, responsive, sympathetic, conscientious, hardworking, tenacious, inspired, charismatic.
At worst:
Abrupt, severe, contrary, temperamental, prejudiced, capricious, untruthful.

The face is rather rounded and richly expressive, with high cheekbones and shining eyes. Has a radiant smile and a most distinctive, irresistible laugh.

A peaceful retreat, a stable home and assurances of love. Must try to master anxious tendencies, use imagination in a constructive way and trust instincts.

Sailing and bathing. Nurturing plants, storing provisions, collecting objects. Is interested in nutritional topics, the arts, the past and mysticism.

Waste-expecially of food. Callous, unjust and vulgar behavior. Ridicule, exposure to new or dubious situations; and being redundant or unproductive.

In mind:
Vividly creative and impressionable. Is kind and caring, but vulnerable; learns to mask feelings. Has a subjective mind and myriad moods - yet also common sense.

In action:
Gentle, unassuming, graceful and quick; yet can be evasive and very stern. Is generally domestic and economical, if somewhat secretive, fussy and untidy.

At work:
A shrewd tactician and gifted teacher, with an excellent memory and talent for helping people. Artistic, skilles and able to manage money very capably.

With friends:
A thoughtful host and most diverting companion. Is very protective towards anyone weaker and singularly fond of family gatherings. A friend for life.

In love:
Very affectionate, romantic and deeply attached. Longs to be both needed and cherished. Believes in marriage and is tenderly patient as partner and parent.

In life:
A formidable front may hidew the innate sensitivity of the Cancerian, who has a subtile mentality and is apt to take a circuitous route to accomplish aims.

Greatly affected by own state of mind. Prone to diabetes, rheumatism, water retention and chest or stomach trouble. Powers of recovery, though, are strong.

The body:
The sign rules the breast, esophagus and stomach, while the Moon regulates the pancreas, body fluids, and the ebb and flow of hidden emotional currents.


Famous Cancerians:
George Sand
Peter Paul Rubens
Ingmar Bergman
George Orwell
Gustav Mahler


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