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Symbol: The Archer.
Element: Fire.
Type: Positive.
Quality: Mutable.
Sign ruled by Jupiter: spiritual growth and expansion of thought.
Color: Blue, Purple.
Gemstone: Turquoise, Topaz, Amethyst.

Precarious partners: Gemini, Virgo, Pisces.
Pleasing partners: Aries, Leo.
Promising partners: Libra, Aquarius.

At best:
Broad-minded, philosophical, farseeing, expansive, mature, joyous, tolerant, generous, stimulating.
At worst:
Indiscreet, flippant, rash, erratic, profligate, forgetful, casual, restless, over-optimistic, distracted.

Cheerful, outgoing and informal, with refreshing candor and an encouraging manner. Has a high forehead, an often scholarly air and expressive eyes.

An aim or quest to pursue. Challenge, variety, exercise. Most of all space, in surroundings and relationships. But may have to check incautious remarks.

Country-life, good food, travel. Plays, mythology, current affairs. Likes to observe, research and read. To keep options open, and take a few risks.

The pedantic, petty and banal. Domestic chores and strict routines. Fussy and possessive people. Constraints, ties and orders. Apathy injustice, deceit.

In mind:Wide-ranging, open, agile and resilient. Learns readily and can apply knowledge. Is idealistic and spirited. A fund of optimistic, ideas, insight and humor.

In action:
Honest, versatile, enterprising, with a concise, cogent turn of phrase. Has a forgiving nature and gentle manner, but sparks can fly if temper is lost.

At work:
Cooperative and flexible. Has verve and vision. Qiuckly grasps concepts and opportunities. Can spot alternatives, diversify and head elaborate projects.

With friends:
Welcoming, easy and unaffected. Apt to tease, but fondly. Also able to laugh at self. Supportive, fair, knowledgeable and amusing. A most congenial companion.

In love:
Ardent, though may bypass marriage in favor of personal freedom. For bonds to last, a partner has to allow for this and be both a lover and friend.

In life:
Intuitive and lucky, a Sagittarian makes the most of life, and turns it into a voyage of discovery by journeying far afield or exploring new areas of study.

Vulnerable to liver disorders, stomach upsets, rheumatism, and problems arising from recklessness and overindulgence. Fatigued by boredom rather than action.

The body:
The sign rules the hips, thigs, gall bladder and liver. Jupier is linked with purification, lucid thought (even when old), growth and rapid recovery.


Famous Sagittarians:
Alexander Solzenitsyn
Paul Klee
Paul Getty
Jummy Hendrix
Woody Allen
Gustave Flaubert

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