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Symbol: The fish.
Element: water.
Type: Negative.
Quality: Mutable.
Sign ruled by Neptune, the planet of fantasy, mystiscism and intuition.
Color: White, Green.
Gemstone:Aquamarine, Moonstone, Pearl.

Precarious partners: Gemini, Sagittarius.
Pleasing partners: Cancer, Scorpio.
Promising partners: Taurus, Capricorn.

At best:
Empathic, lyrical, selfless, soothing, open-minded, wise, serene, imaginative, spiritual.
At worst:
Vague, over-emotional, naive, immoderate, suggestible, muddled, timid, impractical.

Placid, attentive, understanding. Has a sensitive face, generous features and trusting eyes. Talks fluently and moves gracefully, with a light step.

A purpose, so as to focus thoughts and avert boredom. Quiet intervals, to foster a sense of identity and peace. To feel encouraged and loved.

The abstract and infinite. Mystery and make-believe, stories and dreams. Meditation, yoga, cultural activities. Spacious, pleasant places near water.

Hostility, cruelty and pressure. Harsh realities, limits, drab surroundings, repetitive tasks. Refusing a request, hurting anyone and feeling rejected.

In mind:
Hopeful, forgiving and fun-loving. Is open to ideas and influences, finely attuned to emotions and guided by deep instincts. Imagines, feels and responds.

In action:
Mild and tolerant. Adapts very easily to change and puts others first. Has a most sympathetic nature and is able to draw people out. Tends to be musical.

At work:
Seeks variety, and suits careers that feature education, creative thinking and looking after people. Is highly expressive and can excel in the arts.

With friends:
A great favorite. Listens and accepts, without censure or shock. Runs to the rescue when needed. Sees the good side in others and wants to make them happy.

In love:
Sensuous, with an eager, vulnerable heart. Appreciates reliability. Makes a loved one feel desired and valued. Is compliant, but by no means weak.

In life:
May underedtimate self, but has an invaluable sense of occasion, a rare ability to relate to people, and a particular rapport with children.

Hypersensitive to drugs and alcohol. Susceptible to foot problems, influenza and stress-related illnesses. Benefits from reflexology and holistic cures.

The body:
Pisces governs the lymphatic system, the feet and the lachrymal glands. Neptune rules the thalamus, which receives and sorts sensory impulses.


Famous Pisceans:
Auguste Renoir
George Washington
Albert Einstein
John Steinbeck
George Harrison
Pope Pius XII

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