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aries Aries : On January 2nd, the Moon reaches First Quarter in Aries. Surely you need no excuses to keep your dreams from coming true. After this blossoming of glorious vision, you work with clear mind and even temper through the 8th. Give your accomplices due credit before someone manages to blame the whole thing on you after the 9th. Childlike enthusiasm softens your edge on the 11th. Greet newcomers at face value instead of immediately scoping out their angle. The lessons of dulthood come back into play on the 13th when you thwart a sudden rival's unfair advantage. Hold your position as others spend most of the week misbehaving around you. It may be a new year, but some are intent on repeating the same foolishness one more time. By the 19th you find people that you can trust. Stay inside the safety zone on the 21st as a friendly Sun enters Aquarius and a hostile sliver of Moon reaches Capricorn. But the Moon favors you again soon enough, turning New on the 24th and passing through your Sign from the 29th to 31st. The last week of January is all about fulfilled promises for Aries. It's no surprise that you win the argument.



taurus Taurus: The first 10 days of Taurus's January suggest the start of a perfect year. Friends are everywhere, and their stories ring true. Like attracts like between the 4th and 6th when the Moon is in your Sign. You're spending as if there will never be a rainy day, so of course you'll get one soon enough. Dark clouds dump all over your parade on the 11th and 12th, turning survival from a hazy abstract to a key issue. After this, a strange plan looks practical and workable by the 13th. Even more amazing is the overall opinion that Taurus pitched a winner this time. Your strength of character gets you through the 17th and 18th, if only because you stand tall among the disingenuous and incompetent. Leave yourself an opening on the 21st, even if you don't need one until the 24th, when the Aquarius New Moon makes it extremely uncomfortable to be Taurus. By late on the 26th you lose your fear and regain your composure. Kind words and generous investments are flowing in again. The rituals of power make sense when they're supported by the goodwill of all the participants.



gemini Gemini: Gemini should take it easy on New Year's Day. Real opportunities start on the 2nd with the First Quarter Moon in Aries. Good feelings are rooted in reality. The Moon transits your Sign between the 6th and 8th, meeting Earth's shadow in an eclipse when it turns Full on the 9th. Progressive thinkers tune into broadcasts from the future. You see through other people's nonsense. On the 11th you find your replacement -- now you don't want to stop and rest. Virgo forces your hand on the 13th, ensuring a quiet weekend whether or not you want one. You're back in action on the 15th, but by the 17th, you obviously require another strategy. Multitasking is out of the question. The things that Gemini hopes to accomplish must happen one-by-one. Self-deception beginning on the 21st is little more than a delusion until the 24th when the world is ready to cooperate with your desires. Pisces drains your energy and douses your hopes by late on the 26th. Luckily, someone else has been thinking along your lines. When you push aside the curtains on the 29th, the thing that you wanted most is already happening. Rush out and join the fun.



cancer Cancer: Cancer turns up the volume on New Year's Day, but is ready to hit the fast-forward button by January 2nd. The world isn't ready for this message. Take a more relaxed approach on the 4th. It's a good omen if guests joke about paying money for your art or cooking. The Full Moon comes to Cancer for a lunar eclipse on the 9th. Despite this proof of a big and mysterious world, it still feels like a small, friendly place. Healthy instinct guides you through the week, whether you're out in public, hanging around the house, or enjoying nature. By the 15th, though, you're on your own again, and that may not be good news. Familiar events are interpreted in widely different ways. A brief demonstration on the 17th or 18th leaves you hungry for what you can't possibly possess. From the 19th to 26th, you run the gauntlet of Sagittarius, Capricorn and especially Aquarius, who aren't known for their gentle treatment of sensitive souls like Cancer. Learn from this inconvenience, or else you've endured it in vain. Lost items are found again on the 27th. Your troubles aren't over, but now you have the incentive to face them with courage and spirit!



leo Leo: Leo begins the New Year in debt. You're optimistic about cleaning the slate on January 2nd and 3rd, but full resolution may not happen until late on the 6th. Your comfort level rises as the Moon reaches Full on the 9th, and as it transits Leo on the 11th and 12th you're at one with the world. Vitality burns bright among all Fire Signs. Through responsible action, you avoid slipping back into your troubles of earlier in the month, although by the 17th your vast self-confidence begins to grate on the people that it once charmed. Luckily your skin is thick, and on the 19th you're able to prove what's so special about you. The Sun introduces new variables and challenges as it enters Aquarius on the 21st. Informed decisions are safer than wild gambles. But maybe Leo doesn't want to play it safe. If you choose risk, you could be trapped in the company of fools sharing the same consequences between the 26th and 28th. The Aries Moon saves your hide in the final days of January. Rather than be afraid of what might have happened, look forward to what you can do with this second chance.



virgo Virgo: January springs a surprise on Virgo. If you don't like surprises, you might be off balance until the 4th. Take charge of your own life, and leave others to their successes or failures. This attitude costs you friends after the 6th, but the lunar eclipse of the 9th highlights Earth energy as a force that can't be ignored. Now you have the information that takes you to a deeper level. People with something to hide ask you to back off, but with the Moon in your Sign on the 13th and 14th, ou're not changing course. Be sure to explain your recipe for justice as you serve it up. Dress to demonstrate authority and respect on the 15th. Show some humility by the 18th so that the new gang feels more like trusting you when it sweeps into power the next day. If someone is promoted ahead of you, you'll catch up soon enough. The obvious works to your advantage on the 22nd and 23rd. Use it or lose it, because the final week of January is an uncertain time for Virgo. If you reach your destination on the 27th or 28th, stay there. Changeable conditions create a strange period for travelers.



libra Libra: Libra's optimism is important in the New Year, even if early January's circumstances don't support it. Try to fill a leadership vacuum on the 2nd or 3rd. Personal rebirth kicks in around the 5th, and by the 8th you're the most popular kid in school again. Be ready for the negative attention that follows in the shadow of a high profile. By the 11th you're obviously among friends. Cherish this moment and the initiatives and suggestions that come from it. The Moon enters Libra on the 15th, reaching Last Quarter on the 16th. Your inclusive vision plays well in any arena. As the Sign of partnership, you get others to strengthen their allegiances, especially those that involve you. Ride this wave of accomplishment until it crashes into the beach late on the 21st. For a few days, you can see through lies -- and it's not a welcome view. Connect with more deserving people between the 24th and 26th. You'll know them by the quality of their eye contact while shaking hands, and by the unpolished words of their enthusiasm and sincerity. If the weather turns bad in the final days of January, at least this will be the group that's stranded with you.



scorpio Scorpio: For Scorpio, entering the New Year is like crossing a line. The First Quarter Moon offers freedom and risk. Between the 2nd and 6th, your assumptions would alarm parents and teachers. If there's a price to pay, you'll feel it by the 8th. The lunar eclipse of the 9th brings esoteric facts into the light of common knowledge. Scorpio gets anywhere from 15 minutes to two days of fame until Leo upstages you on the 11th. Go to the place where you belong, and you'll never be outclassed again. After the 13th, you feel more comfortable with the idea of permanence. Relax and count the benefits in a worthy home, relationship or job. By the 17th, high idealism dissolves into healthy lust. The moment is all that matters this week. Heed a warning on the 21st, even if it comes from someone that you don't really like. Otherwise, you may find sponsorships revoked and discoveries invalidated by the 24th. Scorpio has never been a good loser, and this time your denial pays off. On the 27th you recapture all that was taken from you, plus a little extra. Don't squander this victory. You never know when the next one will be.



sagittarius Sagittarius: Sagittarius's roster of New Year's resolutions is a potent wish list. By January 2nd you're seeking ways to make it all come true. But your Jovian influence goes only so far. Between the 4th and 8th, experts might supplement the gaps in your skill set. On the 10th, you must backpedal or downscale to accomplish anything. Confidence returns on the 11th and 12th with fresh fire from Leo. Don't let your desires distract you from what's real. Starting on the 15th, the Last Quarter Moon favors your program. You strike gold almost immediately. Those who doubted you are lining up for a handout. The waning Moon is in your Sign from the 19th to 21st, when the new Aquarius Sun steps in on your side. You seem to own history now, along with a healthy chunk of the future. You have until the 26th to impose your core values on useful people in search of a meaningful direction. Pisces breaks your spell with a more seductive offer on the 27th and 28th, but at last you've turned the tide in your favor. If the next 11 months turn out like this one, Sagittarius might actually make the impossible happen.



capricorn Capricorn: Capricorn wakes up with grand visions on New Year's Day, but the world isn't ready. By January 3rd it's clear that someone still bears a grudge. Try a new coat of paint between the 4th and 6th -- you have to start somewhere. Avoid metaphors that could trigger overactive imaginations. You're so eager to leave this edgy space that by the 11th you tune out all the tantrums and insults. The global view that you adopt on the 13th shows a cycle of loss and gain that looks a lot like a schedule of ocean tides. Let the real action begin as the Moon reaches Last Quarter on the 16th. Last year's crop or investment is ready to harvest this week. Present an airtight case on the 19th, its logic beautifully preserved. Between the 21st and 23rd, the waning Moon spends its final days in apricorn. Stealth is no longer necessary when you're in your element. Time is precious, but you've front loaded all of your best moves. Collect any new leads and save them for the next dry spell. That time may actually come by the 29th. The secret of success is riding out the uneventful times between moments of excitement.



aquarius Aquarius: Aquarius has nothing but fun between January 1st and 3rd. Then you might wake up on the 4th wondering where your money went and why you have this headache. Don't complain around someone who is genuinely suffering. Put yourself back together so that you'll start attracting decent offers on the 8th. The lunar eclipse of the 9th throws your plans off course for almost a week. Enjoy what little control you have, and watch out for surprises that the Universe might shake loose. Your turn comes again on the 15th. Believe in the great overture that plays as you walk onstage, and be willing to look bad during the first act. Starting on the 19th, your troubles are over for the rest of January. People from faraway places enchant you. Others finally care about what you need and how to satisfy you. The Sun enters your Sign on the 21st, and from the 24th to 26th the New Moon joins it there. You don't need to obey the law when you are the law. This dangerous attitude will be tolerated if you're generous and entertaining. The critics give you good reviews through the 31st. Now this is the way to start the mathematical millennium.



pisces Pisces: The New Year begins with the Moon in Pisces. December's honeymoon spills over through January 6th. The Universe addresses your practical concerns as a first step to granting your wishes. By the 7th fulfillment is on hold. The lunar eclipse of the 9th illustrates commitment's dark side. You can't spin evidence visible to all eyes on the planet. On the 11th, Pisces turns inward. The little things in life need as much attention as the big things that have occupied you lately. Return calls and emails from people who worry about you. By Last Quarter on the 16th, your own excuses ring hollow. Switch gears. Play an active role in your community through the 18th. If your functionality would improve through counseling or medication, take care of this need by the 21st. Like any Water Sign, you know when your tide is coming back in. January ends with the excellence that you felt at the start of this month. Now you have the tools to finish granting those earlier wishes. The Moon turns New on the 24th and transits Pisces on the 27th and 28th. You're in touch with all life forces, whether real or artificial. Cats and computers know exactly what you mean!